Black Lives Matter

This podcast stands by Black Lives Matter.

The outright murder of George Floyd by the police is inexcusable, as is the near-constant abuse of the African American community by the law enforcement that is supposed to be protecting them. We feel this is obvious to anyone who cares to pay attention.

We feel it is important to use the platform we have, however small, to speak out against these injustices.

Of course, making this post doesn’t accomplish much on its own, which is why we implore you to donate or volunteer (or protest). Do what you can, because without serious, immediate reform, this problem isn’t going away any time soon.

Honestly, this post was partly spurred by seeing a similar post on Polygon, which we’re going to link below. They have an expansive list of charities and other ways that you can help support the cause. I implore you to do so, if you have the time or resources.

Former president Barack Obama also posted a list of charities to donate to on his website.

Finally, consider donating to either the ACLU or the Minnesota Freedom Fund.

Thank you for your time. The episode scheduled to release today will be releasing tomorrow instead.

Black Lives Matter.

It really is that simple.