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E112 – Hamtaro Grab Bag

As action-packed as an easy-bake oven.

Hamsters call themselves Ham-Hams, sing, and go on incredibly mundane adventures. What’s not to love? Well, everything. Meanwhile, Michael remembers having a Hamtaro manga, Peter is dumbfounded by the fact that this show even broadcast on Toonami, and both hosts struggle to make distinctions between favorite and least favorite episodes.

Also included: an evil crow shows us what the show could have been, the love triangles of hamsters, magic clocks.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe will release March 11

E109 – Dragon Ball Z Part 15

What, Perfect Cell is so shrimpy compared to Semi-Perfect Cell! He must be a total weakling!

Cell completes his transformation, and becomes something of a showman. Meanwhile, Michael realizes the weird origin of one of his early D&D characters, Peter cracks up at a particular shot of Krillin, and both hosts acknowledge that Cell is probably a better villain than Frieza.

Also included: DBZ weather patterns, a Krillin’s Krillin, the use for the Hyperbolic Time Chamber Kami DOESN’T want you to know about.

Dragon Ball Z Part 16 will release January 29th

The Future

Announcing that the podcast is moving to a fortnightly release schedule for 2018. Episodes like the ones we’ve already recorded will be dropping every other week, beginning on January 3rd. Release time will remain unchanged, at 3 PM PST.

In the off-weeks we’ll be recording minisodes about 15 minutes in length discussing more specific topics.

Our social media schedule will also be changing, so expect some hiccups in our non-podcast updates over the coming weeks.

Rest assured, we’re not going anywhere.  Next week we’ll be tackling the first 13 episodes of Sailor Moon R.

The World's Strongest

E01 – Dragon Ball Z: The World’s Strongest

On our first episode, Michael and Peter discuss the Dragon Ball Z movie The World’s Strongest, and consistently drop the “The” from the title.