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E33 – The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest Part 3

Why is Race’s voice different? Why does Dr. Quest sound so familiar all of a sudden? And what the hell was the deal with “Alligators and Okeechobee Vikings”?

Closing out season 1, we find both the best and worst episodes of the show so far, and then season 2 throws our assumptions about Jonny Quest into disarray. Meanwhile, Michael compares The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest to Backyardigans, and Peter appreciates Jonny showing some weakness (and Hadji showing some rage).

Also included: the strengths of ReBoot, Yeti monk, Race as even more of an outlandish action hero, and the return of a catchphrase

Next week: The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest episodes 33-42

E32 – The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest Part 2

Jonny and friends just keep trusting the wrong people. Also, sometimes monsters.

Both hosts begin to pick up on the formula of this show, and the cracks begin to appear. Meanwhile, Michael is irritated by Quest team’s seeming lack of struggle, and Peter talks about Medusa.

Also included: Scooby-Doo on Monster Island, whale internet skepticism, the forged Declaration of Independence, and being attacked by Air Buddies.

Next week: closing out The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest season 1, season 2 episodes 1-6

E31 – The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest Part 1

Jonny thinks to solve one problem by creating a way bigger one, Hadji doles out aphorisms (but hey, no Sim Sim Salabim!), and Jessie is surprisingly badass.

Meanwhile, Michael forgets the Home For Infinite Losers as well as revealing yet another trope pet peeve, Peter doubts the historical accuracy of Indiana Jones, and both shudder at the A E S T H E T I C S of QuestWorld.

Also included: the QuestWorld Reversal, racism in kid’s shows, and did we watch Moltar without remembering it?

Next week: The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest episodes 11-20

E30 – Super Friends

Wonder Nerd Powers, activate! In the first of our “Grab Bag” episodes, we discuss the Hanna-Barbera classic, Super Friends, and learn the origin of Lex Luthor’s undying hatred for the Man of Steel.

Meanwhile, Peter references a character from a show Michael doesn’t believe exists, Michael chuckles at superheroes doing normal, everyday things, and both hosts find the Wonder Twins to be an endless source of amusement.

Also included: an explanation of the reasoning behind limiting Super Friends to a single podcast episode, Hanna-Barbera is the only company that rips itself off, and giant basketball.

Next week: The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest episodes 1-10

[NOTE: There is a bit of an audio glitch on Peter’s audio around 00:38:45 that we didn’t catch until editing. Our apologies.]