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MS66 – Chargeman Ken

A small boy annihilates incompetent aliens who want to take over earth with kid sister and creepy robot in tow.

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Next week: Transformers: Armada Part 3

E112 – Hamtaro Grab Bag

As action-packed as an easy-bake oven.

Hamsters call themselves Ham-Hams, sing, and go on incredibly mundane adventures. What’s not to love? Well, everything. Meanwhile, Michael remembers having a Hamtaro manga, Peter is dumbfounded by the fact that this show even broadcast on Toonami, and both hosts struggle to make distinctions between favorite and least favorite episodes.

Also included: an evil crow shows us what the show could have been, the love triangles of hamsters, magic clocks.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe will release March 11

MS29 – Toriyama Anime Theater

It’s a grab-bag of Toriyama adaptations!

This week, we cover a variety of animated one-shots adapted from old, generally little-known Toriyama manga. Wonder why it’s little-known…

If you’d like to submit a topic for discussion, a letter, a memory you have of Toonami, or a bizarre show for us to make fun of, you can contact us at, or find us on Twitter @HBpod and Facebook at We look forward to hearing from you!

Next week: Dragon Ball Z Part 14

E77 – Pokemon Grab Bag

In the grips of Pokemania, can we regain enough sanity to talk about this show?

Ash Ketchum starts his big adventure, and boy is it hard to sit through. Meanwhile, Michael brings up the consciousness of Pokemon and related ethics, Peter cringes at childhood memories, and both hosts realize they now have to watch the shows on the Kids’ WB Toonami block.

Also included: Schrodinger’s Meowth, Gastly making bucks, Lifeless Pikachus.

Samurai Jack Part 1 will release on November 7th.

E68 – G-Force: Guardians of Space

“One secret agent trained to fly like a bird in the hand is greater than five in the bush.” – Galactor, probably

This week, Michael and Peter track down the elusive G-Force: Guardians of Space, the overlooked middle child of several attempts to localization Science Ninja Team Gatchaman. Meanwhile, Michael opens the can of worms that is the dub history of Gatchaman, Peter checks out an episode of Gatchaman itself, and both hosts cringe at the antics of 7-Zark-7.

Also included: a roll-call of localization companies, uranium obsession, the dissonance of 70s animation and brutal violence

The Intruder will release on July 4

E63 – Cartoon Roulette Grab Bag

A crazy selection of old cartoons provides a few surprises, and some interesting history.

Meanwhile, Michael delves into the history of Fleischer studios, Peter compares watching Hanna-Barbara cartoons to crawling through a desert without water, and both hosts get excited about Superman.

Also included: the absurd difference between the Fleischer Superman shorts and Hanna-Barbara cartoons, cartoon animal sidekicks, the uncertainty of what played on Cartoon Roulette.

Next week: Minisode 7

Transformers: Beast Wars Part 1 will release on April 25th

NOTE: Michael erroneously claims that the Tom & Jerry shorts had budgets of around $350,000. They actually had budgets closer to $35,000.

E60 – Thundercats Grab Bag

A bunch of cat-people crash land on a planet, and soon find themselves fighting an ancient mummy. Only in the ’80s.

This week, our hosts discuss Thundercats, and their patience for Snarfer wears thin. Meanwhile, Michael reflects on moral certainty, Peter gets a headache, and both hosts sympathize with an evil mummy.

Also included: Todd McFarlane’s charisma, modulated voices, Thundercat funerals.

Next week: Minisode 4.

Tenchi in Tokyo Part 1 will release March 14.

E50 – Voltron Grab Bag

Fighting RoBeasts with a giant robot made of other, smaller giant robots. How much further into the Super Robot genre can we get than that?

In our second Grab Bag episode, we talk about Voltron: Defender of the Universe, specifically the episodes in the Netflix Voltron 84 collection. Meanwhile, Michael has Dragon Ball Z Flashbacks, Peter questions how five people all pilot Voltron, and both hosts somehow forget to mention the space mice.

Also included: evil spa planet, Pidge is a maniac, a quick Alex Jones impression

Next week: Batman The Animated Series episodes 1-13

E30 – Super Friends

Wonder Nerd Powers, activate! In the first of our “Grab Bag” episodes, we discuss the Hanna-Barbera classic, Super Friends, and learn the origin of Lex Luthor’s undying hatred for the Man of Steel.

Meanwhile, Peter references a character from a show Michael doesn’t believe exists, Michael chuckles at superheroes doing normal, everyday things, and both hosts find the Wonder Twins to be an endless source of amusement.

Also included: an explanation of the reasoning behind limiting Super Friends to a single podcast episode, Hanna-Barbera is the only company that rips itself off, and giant basketball.

Next week: The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest episodes 1-10

[NOTE: There is a bit of an audio glitch on Peter’s audio around 00:38:45 that we didn’t catch until editing. Our apologies.]