Monthly Archives: January 2020

E109 – Dragon Ball Z Part 15

What, Perfect Cell is so shrimpy compared to Semi-Perfect Cell! He must be a total weakling!

Cell completes his transformation, and becomes something of a showman. Meanwhile, Michael realizes the weird origin of one of his early D&D characters, Peter cracks up at a particular shot of Krillin, and both hosts acknowledge that Cell is probably a better villain than Frieza.

Also included: DBZ weather patterns, a Krillin’s Krillin, the use for the Hyperbolic Time Chamber Kami DOESN’T want you to know about.

Dragon Ball Z Part 16 will release January 29th

MS52 – Ewoks: Battle for Endor

Had to ride that sweet sweet Star Wars SEO for as long as it would take us. Turns out this movie wasn’t worth it.

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Next week: Dragon Ball Z Part 15

E108 – The Star Wars Holiday Special

Alternate title: waiting for Chewie.

Han Solo and Chewbacca race back to Chewie’s home so he can celebrate Wookie Christmas, while a bunch of other random crap happens. Meanwhile, Michael appreciates The Mandalorian’s willingness to canonize some of this nonsense, Peter admits he was beginning to dread the experience before we actually watched it, and both hosts struggle to find words to describe this thing other than “insane,” “weird,” and “bizarre.”

Also included: uncomfortably personal threats of violence by the Empire, the origin of Youtube Poop, the VR headset sequence is somehow even weirder than we expected.

Dragon Ball Z Part 15 will release January 15th. What a coincidence.