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E134 – Dragon Ball Part 1

CONTENT NOTICE: Unfortunately, Dragon Ball has a LOT of humor based on sexual harassment and assault (we are NOT fans, for the record), so please proceed with caution.

An indestructible monkey boy and a vain teenage genius set out on a quest to find the seven magic Dragon Balls that can grant any wish.

For all the trouble they go through, these characters have some pretty basic wishes. Meanwhile, Michael is forced to reckon with his childhood in an uncomfortable way, Peter tries to find the silver lining, and both hosts struggle to explain the events of the show without sounding like total creeps.

Also included: “henchmens”, stanning for the Pilaf gang, Dragon Ball’s loose continuity

Dragon Ball Part 2 will release February 10th

E133 – Masters of the Universe

Nobody has the power this time around.

He-Man and pals accidentally arrive on earth, and everyone assumes their inter-dimensional transporter is a Japanese synthesizer. Meanwhile, Michael is disappointed by poor adaptational changes, Peter loves Skeletor’s gold armor, and both hosts try to figure out what happened to the residents of the California town where all the action takes place.

Also included: attempting to describe new characters, the saga of Lubic, maximum chaos in minimum space

Dragon Ball Part 1 will release January 27th

2021 Plans

Just a quick notice regarding our changing release schedule. The important bit is that we’ll be moving to a bi-weekly (as in once every two weeks) release schedule to give ourselves a little more breathing room when it comes to recording new episode.

Masters of the Universe will release January 13