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MS10 – ReBoot: The Guardian Code

What have we done?

This week, Michael and Peter watch the entirety of ReBoot: The Guardian Code, the show that killed everyone’s childhood dog.

For the record, the four teens are Austin, Trey, Tamra, and Parker, while their “gamer names” are Vector, D-Frag, Enigma, and Googz (respectively).

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Next week: Beast Wars Part 4, covering season 3.

E56 – G-Saviour

To celebrate a meaningless milestone, Michael and Peter watch a live-action Gundam movie. That’s right, it’s G-Saviour.

Mark Curran cheats on his wife, but he’s still the good guy. Meanwhile, Michael shares the story of how he acquired the DVD, Peter compares the movie to a SYFY original, and both hosts try to make sense of how bio-luminescence factors into the food-shortage plot.

Also included: G Gundam anticipation, an explanation of Bandai’s “Big Bang” project, the starting date of the Universal Century calendar

Next time: Sailor Moon R