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MS10 – ReBoot: The Guardian Code

What have we done?

This week, Michael and Peter watch the entirety of ReBoot: The Guardian Code, the show that killed everyone’s childhood dog.

For the record, the four teens are Austin, Trey, Tamra, and Parker, while their “gamer names” are Vector, D-Frag, Enigma, and Googz (respectively).

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Next week: Beast Wars Part 4, covering season 3.

E64 – Beast Wars Part 1

The Beast Wars begin, and it doesn’t look pretty.

This week, Michael and Peter begin their four-part journey through the history of the Beast Wars. Meanwhile, Michael disputes the logic of making the hero characters mammals, Peter compares robot forms to taxidermy projects, and both hosts repeatedly quote Megatron’s verbal tic. Yes…

Also included: The Mainframe Effect, maintenance on the Absolution, animals holding advanced technology.

Next week: Minisode 8

Beast Wars Part 2 will release on May 9th