Monthly Archives: July 2018

MS13 – Dragon Ball Heroes

It’s Super Saiyan 4 Goku vs. Super Saiyan Blue Goku in a battle on the Prison Planet (that lasts about a minute of screen time)!

In a truly mini Minisode, Michael and Peter talk about Dragon Ball Heroes, and the upcoming Dragon Ball Super movie.

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Next week: Mobile Suit Gundam Part 1

E69 – The Intruder

What’s scarier than a red blob eating its way through your ship? A red blob eating its way through YOU.

This week, Michael and Peter cover the first Toonami Total Immersion Event, featuring the titular Intruder. Meanwhile, Michael realizes what he missed out on as a 9 year old, Peter bags on the tie-in Flash game, and both hosts do some reminiscing about the TOM 1 era.

Also included: The Tommies

Mobile Suit Gundam Part 1 will release on July 18th.