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E97 – The Iron Giant

The tearjerking adventures of a small boy and a big robot.

A giant robot lands in the wilderness of Maine, befriends a young boy, and finds itself on the wrong side of the US Government. Meanwhile, Michael recollects a childhood memory, Peter praises Kent Mansley’s paranoid characterization, and both hosts are mildly surprised at the voice acting chops of Vin Diesel.

Also included: uncovering the sinister connection between the Iron Giant and Dark Gundam, why does the concept of Hell exist in Star Wars?

Batman TAS Part 6 will release on August 14th

E60 – Thundercats Grab Bag

A bunch of cat-people crash land on a planet, and soon find themselves fighting an ancient mummy. Only in the ’80s.

This week, our hosts discuss Thundercats, and their patience for Snarfer wears thin. Meanwhile, Michael reflects on moral certainty, Peter gets a headache, and both hosts sympathize with an evil mummy.

Also included: Todd McFarlane’s charisma, modulated voices, Thundercat funerals.

Next week: Minisode 4.

Tenchi in Tokyo Part 1 will release March 14.