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E22 – Dragon Ball Z Part 4

With the introduction of arch-villain Frieza, Michael and Peter break down a surprisingly plot-intensive and tension-heavy block of Dragon Ball Z.

Meanwhile, Goku resets to his default game of catch-up, Michael tries to explain why Frieza was such an iconic villain for him as a child, and Peter talks Pogs.

Also included: a discussion of various collectible card games, a rare double-or-nothing bet, and a second Commando reference in a row.

Next week: Dragon Ball Z episodes 41-50

E16 – Robotech Part 4

Starting off on a new leg of the Robotech universe, Michael and Peter find the Masters Saga to be oddly charming.  Meanwhile, Michael complains about gratuitous anime nudity, and Peter comments on the strange design of TOM 4.0.

Next week: Robotech episodes 49-60

E11 – Ronin Warriors Conclusion

In the final block of Ronin Warriors, Michael feels the finale could have been better, Peter laments that he has no reason to say “Ronin Warriorsh” anymore, and both try to determine the episodes worth watching before it suddenly gets good around episode 20.

Next week: Batman & Mr. Freeze: Subzero

Gundam Wing

E05 – Gundam Wing Part 4

In this episode, Michael and Peter continue their discussion of Gundam Wing.  Michael reveals that he mostly just remembers things from the manga, Peter tries out some catchphrases, and both surmise what exactly Tsubarov meant when he was talking about celebrating with his mobile dolls.