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E87 – Blue Submarine No. 6

The world is flooded, half-human hybrids are trying to annihilate the last of humanity, and the mad scientist behind it all just wants everyone to get along.

And, of course, every battle is rendered in amazing turn of the century CGI. Meanwhile, Peter confuses the name of the mini-subs, Michael compares elements to G-Saviour, and both hosts try to determine exactly what Verg is actually saying.

Also included: Muppets anime, Cell’s motives, armchair science.

Sailor Moon S Part 1 will release Mar 27th

MS18 – Pretty Sammy

This week, we take a trip down memory lane (sort of) and revisit the cast of Tenchi in yet another canonically distinct show with the same characters and animation style.

Oh, and it features some decent jokes about magical girls, as well.

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Next week: Yu Yu Hakusho Part 1