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Gundam Wing

(REPOST) E03 – Gundam Wing Part 2

[NOTE: This is a re-upload of a previously posted episode, with correctly calibrated audio. Super Friends will be up July 5, 15:00 PST as per the usual release schedule]

On the second leg of their 5-Part Gundam Wing retrospective, Michael and Peter discuss Michael’s attempts to play the Gundam trading card game, and wonder what Lady Une’s problem is.


E26 – ReBoot Part 2

Nothing like a season-ending cliffhanger to cancel a series on.

ReBoot’s sudden leap in quality makes Michael wonder if there’s a sort of Stockholm Syndrome attached to watching some of these shows, Peter questions what a zoot suit is, and both hosts struggle to come up with synonyms for “creepy.”

Also included: reminiscing about a failed Deep Space 9 podcast, Enzo reveals his tragic backstory, and comparing the Megabyte truck from “Bad Bob” to Maximum Overdrive.

Next week: ReBoot season 3, episodes 1-8

E20 – Dragon Ball Z Part 2

In the second batch of Dragon Ball Z episodes, Michael and Peter find themselves forced to contend with Nappa getting blown up only to be totally unharmed, time and time again.  It gets a little exhausting.

Meanwhile, Michael makes an unfortunate comparison between Nappa’s “LASER EYES!” and Piccolo’s Special Beam Cannon, Peter boasts about winning seemingly every over-under bet, and both hosts discuss the chilling connection between The Secret World of Alex Mack and Capri Sun commercials from around the same time.

Next week: Dragon Ball Z episodes 21-30

E14 – Robotech Part 2

In the second block of Robotech, Michael continues to dislike the main characters and complains about villain decay.  Meanwhile, Peter discusses the bizarre death of Roy Fokker (spoilers, I guess?).

Next week: Robotech episodes 25-36

E09 – Ronin Warriors Part 2

On the second leg of their 4-part series watch of Ronin Warriors, Michael and Peter begin to question why they thought this series would deliver in the first place.